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  • QualityFind

    Marketing Director

    Duties of the Marketing Director: -Development and implementation of the Brand strategy. -Developing the marketing...

    QualityFind - Houston, Texas - beBee

  • SureCruit

    Channel Marketing Manager

    The Channel Marketing Manager will be the responsible for managing all aspects of marketing for a specific Channel...

    SureCruit - Houston, Texas - beBee


    Brand Manager

    The Brand Manager will be responsible for driving the growth of the brand within our organisation and ensuring all...

    HEALWORK - Houston, Texas - beBee

  • EngineerCore

    Communications Manager

    The Communications Manager will be responsible for managing all internal and external communications for the company...

    EngineerCore - Houston, Texas - beBee


    Social media manager

    The Social media manager will be responsible for managing the social media and online interactions with customers...

    LEGALMINT - Houston, Texas - beBee

  • JobsDepot


    The Copywriter will be responsible for writing effective sales copy for all types of marketing materials both online and...

    JobsDepot - Houston, Texas - beBee

  • Staffice

    CRM Manager

    The CRM Manager will be responsible for managing the organisations CRM ensuring the company can make the most out of...

    Staffice - Houston, Texas - beBee

  • THEMploy

    Marketing Assistant

    The Marketing Assistant will assist the marketing team in daily marketing activities and is usually a good entry level...

    THEMploy - Houston, Texas - beBee

  • QualityFind

    Head of CRM

    The Head of CRM will be responsible for managing and driving growth of the companies CRM ensuring all revenue...

    QualityFind - Houston, Texas - beBee

  • SureCruit

    Product Manager

    The Product Manager will develop a marketing strategy with a certain product range in collaboration with the sales and...

    SureCruit - Houston, Texas - beBee

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